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Immigration policy is really innovation policy. The U.S. economy has benefited enormously from the contributions made by immigrants who came to this country. Immigrants whose entrepreneurship turned their startups into household names founded some of today’s most admired technology companies.

However, our current immigration system is failing to meet the needs of today’s economy and is not equipped to prepare for tomorrow’s demands. Immigration reform must enable the kind of innovation and job creation that fulfills the demands of tomorrow’s economy. The reality of the global marketplace means competition for talent is global as well. ITI is a leading advocate before the U.S. Congress and key federal agencies for immigration reforms that improve the ability of U.S.-based companies to recruit and retain highly-skilled foreign graduates and professionals.

Now more than ever, we need effective reforms that will make it easier for the world’s best talent to work in the U.S. alongside the innovators, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals in our domestic workforce. These improvements will help U.S. businesses to grow and create jobs, while providing effective protections for American workers.

High-skilled immigration reform

Immigration reform must help to fill the tens of thousands of skilled job openings that exist today, while accelerating the creation of new jobs and knowledge-driven businesses. The U.S. economy creates technology jobs faster than Americans can currently fill them. Due to our outdated 1990s immigration system, hundreds of thousands of highly-skilled workers are stuck in a green card backlog that inhibits their professional development and contribution to our economic growth. Some have given up and are returning home. A number of countries are capitalizing on our outdated policies by pursuing programs to attract entrepreneurs educated in U.S. universities to instead compete against us in the global marketplace.

ITI advocates for high-skilled immigration reform that supplements and augments our extraordinarily talented U.S. workforce to strengthen U.S. business operations now and in the future. ITI also believes high-skilled immigration reform must invest in effective U.S. education and training programs that will prepare future innovators and entrepreneurs to advance our nation’s global leadership and success.

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