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Our strength is our expertise. Learn about our issue experts, their focus, and backgrounds.

Jason Oxman
President and Chief Executive Officer
Ashley Berrang
Executive Vice President of Public Affairs
Terri O'Brien
Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Administration
Andy Halataei
Executive Vice President, Government Affairs
Jonathan (Josh) Kallmer
Executive Vice President of Policy
Gordon Bitko
Senior Vice President of Policy
John Miller
Senior Vice President of Policy and Senior Counsel
Cody Ankeny
Director of Policy, Tax and Trade
Stephanie Barrett
Director of Policy
Natasha Bethea
Director, Marketing and Membership
Janelle Blackwood
Director, Administration & Facilities
Jennifer Bodie
Director, Events
Chris Cleet
Vice President of Policy, Environment and Sustainability
Mónica Cooke
Senior Director, Human Resources
Kumar Deep
Country Manager, India
Starmanda Duker
Manager, Government Affairs
Karolina Filipiak
Senior Director, Government Affairs
Ashley Friedman
Senior Director of Policy
Kelsey Guyselman
Senior Director, Government Affairs and Counsel
Mia Harris
Office Manager
Kelsey Kober
Associate Manager, Public Sector
Courtney Lang
Director of Policy
Alexa Lee
Senior Manager of Policy
Guido Lobrano
Vice President, Europe
Margaret McCarthy
Senior Director, Government Affairs
Jonathan Pawlow
Senior Director, Government Affairs
Emma Rafaelof
Senior Manager of Policy, Asia
Sam Rizzo
Senior Director of Policy
Clare Sahin
Manager, State & Local
Sarah Shive
Senior Director, Government Affairs and Counsel
Jana Sievers
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
Emily Spack
Manager of Policy, Environment and Sustainability
Shannon Taylor
Vice President, Government Affairs
Erica Thomas
Director of Policy, Environment, Sustainability, and Regulatory Affairs
Ryan Thornton
Manager, Communications
Jennie Westbrook Courts
Vice President, Communications
Naomi Wilson
Senior Director of Policy, Asia
Chung-Yin Yau
Senior Manager, Accounting
Vivien Zuzok
Senior Manager of Policy, Europe